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Have you ever wondered if you have a green gold* mine?  Maybe you have or haven't or don't know where it is, even if you have maybe you don't know how to get the green gold* out of the mine. 

The green gold* I am referring to here, as you might have guessed, is the possibility to reduce the green house gas emission and make the world environmentally sustainable by implementing clean energy and energy efficiency in buildings and transportation.

Global Pledges

The global communities have already spoken about the global warming/climate change and pledged to act on reducing the carbon emissions which are responsible for the green house gas induced global warming. Even the major oil companies whose products are directly responsible for the emission are joining the effort by investing in clean renewable energy.

Global warming

Global warming events are more and more evident as we have witnessed recently from the country like India whose temperature recorded 51 C and hottest warm weather recorded globally so far this year. Year 2016 is destined to be the hottest weather year ever.  It has been estimated that the extreme global warming would damage trillions dollars to the global economy and make many parts of the world's land to disappear.These events remind us that there are so much we as a global citizen can do to reduce the green house gas emission. The global communities have indeed promised and acted with setting up policies and incentives to reduce the carbon emission.

Fossil Fuel

In majority countries of the world, there is a direct co-relation between economic growth and fossil fuel usage even though effort is under way to reduce the fossil fuel usage.  Even many developed countries, the per capital carbon emission is still much higher than that of the most developing countries. As the economy of the developing countries improves and population grows so as the fossil fuel usage...more carbon emission. Therefore it makes a sense for the developed countries to develop a method to reduce their per capital carbon emission so that the developing countries can also reduce their emission without affecting their economy.

New Energy Technology

Clean renewable energy, even though abundant and free, has problems of inconsistency and irregularity. To solve these problems, new energy storage technology is being developed to provide consistency in energy supply.  

Biofuel is being tested on the air planes to reduce fossil fuel usage in aviation. High efficient solar PV panels is being developed. Building integrated solar PV panels are being developed.  High efficiency cars, fuel cell cars, electric cars and hydrogen cars are being produced to reduce the fossil fuel usage in cars. Electric car charging station and hydrogen fuelling station are being installed  in many countries. Netzero energy technology is being developed and implemented in buildings to generate energy on site and to reduce or eliminate the needs for utility generated power.

Flue stack carbon emission reduction technology is being developed to capture and store the carbon emission at source.

Energy efficiency technology is being developed in lighting and HVAC system to reduce the fossil energy usage in the buildings.   

Green Gold*

So where are the possibilities to reduce carbon emission vis a vis fossil energy usage?

The green gold* may be in the following possibilities, for example, old or new houses and buildings with high gas or electricity cost, old or new cars with low fuel mileage, cities with high pollution or congested roads, companies with high operating or regulatory compliance cost, hotels, hospitals and schools with lots of complaints of uncomfortable environment.  

Next time if you wonder about green gold*, where about, and how to bring it out of the mine, contact me for the assistance.